Hello! We are a digital collective.

Revibiz builds websites for you to have an online presence. We do everything from design and the technical things, to setting up email and reaching your audience on social media. We help you get started, navigate the unknown and grow your concept online.

We work with you.

Our experience is with freelancers, creatives, entrepreneurs, startups and non-profit organisations. We collaborate with you throughout the project to make a website that does what you want.

We build, connect and nurture.


The first step is having a website to show people, and an email address for them to contact you. We get you started by purchasing the domain name, designing the website, hosting it, and making sure it always works.

Social Media

Platforms like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn are great for raising your profile and connecting to your audience. We help you create your profiles on these platforms and connect them to your website.

Why work with us.

Revibiz is a collective of freelancers founded in 2018 and based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. We have a passion for minimal design, simple digital solutions and sustainability.

We base our pricing on a balance of what you need and what meets your budget. We pride ourselves in delivering on time and we work with you to achieve this, working to a timeline you agree with. We collaborate, and we want your feedback. Communication is everything.

Let’s talk.

If this sounds good let’s discuss what you need, without obligation, by email or in conversation over a virtual coffee, or tea! How does that sound?

Get in touch.